HTGSupply’s 12 Deals of Christmas

Check out the HTGSupply Holiday Deals for our Michigan customers:

HTGSupply 12 Deals of Christmas

Offers valid on in-store purchases thru 1/15/2014.

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HTGSupply Troy Michigan – The Kings of Indoor Gardening !!

HTG Supply is excited to see so many new customers in the Troy Michigan area.  They are all so happy to see the HUGE new HTGSupply Grow Shop in Troy!  The response we have received from local growers is nothing less than fantastic!  We have tons of customers who have previously purchased products from us via our website or shopped at our other HTG Supply Michigan locations and they are happy HTG Supply has come to the neighborhood.  Looking for Grow Lights in Troy Michigan ?  HTG is pleased to provide the same great pricing and quality products that the HTGSupply website is famous for.

Our new Troy Superstore is located at:

3914 Rochester Rd
Troy, MI 48083
phone (248) 275-1739

HTG Supply Troy Michigan is open Monday –Friday 11-7 and Saturday 10-4.

Area gardeners need to know this, HTGSupply has the best prices around, guarranteed!  Find a lower locally advertised price, bring it in and we will beat it!

Troy Michigan Grow ShopSmart growers know that HTGSupply has the best selection of quality grow lights, at the lowest prices in all of Michigan.  Looking for Grow Lights in MI ? We have literally hundreds of grow lights in stock, ready for you to get your indoor garden growing.  We stock all the different types and wattages of grow lights you will need for any size garden.  We have Sodium (HPS) or Halide (MH) Grow Lights with either standard or digital ballasts, in wattages from 150-1000 watts.  We have over a dozen different styles of grow light reflector hoods for you to choose from, from basic “Wing” type to the most Continue reading

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GROW TENT HEAT controlled with a PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER:AC Grow tent in Kalamazoo

Too hot in your grow tent?  You need to keep temperature well regulated for your plants, just a short amount of time at high temperatures can destroy the entire crop inside the tent.  At our Kalamazoo location, summertime is upon us and it’s getting more difficult if not downright impossible to keep our grow tent temperatures in check without AC.  It might be that the room temperature that your grow tent is located in has risen due to non-existent or inadequate air conditioning in your residence. This means the air you pull into your grow tent to cool it just isn’t cold enough to keep the temperature in the proper zone for healthy plant growth. Well, just so happens the sales staff at the HTGSUPPLY Kalamazoo store have a set-up that will show YOU how to properly use AC in your grow tent and keep temperature down!

We sat down with Zach, the HTGSUPPLY sales associate who is in charge of this system, for a brief Q&A regarding their set up:

What kind of equipment are you using in this set-up?

  • AgroMax Large Sized Grow Tent
  • Digital 600 watt Dual-Arc (MH/HPS) Grow Light with Open Air Adjustable Reflector
  • Sherpa Brand Portable Air Conditioner by GoChill
  • GrowBright CO2 Regulator and 20 lb CO2 Tank system
  • Two BubbleBoy Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponically grown plants
  • One 16” Wall Mount Fan
  • One 6” Clip On Fan
  • Two AgroMax Equipment Boards (these boards are really cool, they mount inside the tent and you can hang your fans or controllers from them)

How often is the AC on?

Currently the Sherpa portable AC unit runs on high 24/7, this will keep the temperature inside the Grow Tent at 72 degrees during the light cycle and 62 degrees during the night cycle. A degree change of 10 degrees from day to night is expected by your plants. Variations of high/lows can cause stress and hermaphroditic features on some plants, especially if night time temperatures exceed day time temperatures.

How does the AC know when to come on?

The Sherpas have an always on feature that allows the air conditioner to be triggered by a remote thermostat set up inside the growing chamber. This can be a useful piece of information when purchasing an air conditioner that is going to be operated on an environmental controller or a digital cooling controller because some digital ac’s will not turn on and off through a trigger, this means that some AC units, once turned off by an outside trigger, will not reset to the “on” operation, but will reset to off.

Do you use an AgroMax Controller?

We do have one plugged in, however, because of higher temperatures outside the tent on our salesfloor/warehouse, the Sherpa runs constantly. However, if temperatures were lower in the surrounding room we could utilize the AgroMax Digital Cooling controller so that the AC would only run when needed.

What temperature do you keep it at?

Day 72 F 50% humidity

Night 62 F 50% humidity

Air must push out of the tent when it’s on so does that blow out all the injected CO2?

Air will always flow out of and into the tent simultaneously but at different rates. By keeping all the vent holes sealed and covered, you are drastically limiting the escape route of the CO2 gas.

AC Grow Tent SetupThermodynamics; air moves down a thermal gradient (from hot to cold) so keeping your room cooler than the surrounding air mass will cause air to flow in not out.

Effusion/diffusion; gaseous molecules may flow very slowly through pores in the tent to reach equilibrium with outside concentrations. This will always happen but it is noteworthy to know that O2, N2, and Ar(g) all have lower molecular weights and will effuse at faster rates than CO2. [both O2 and CO2 will want to move out of the tent through this process].  Depending on the construction of the Grow Tent, this rate may be higher, as the AgroMax unit is constructed pretty well and the thickness of the wall material is at least twice what we have seen from some other manufacturers.

Grow Tent with Positive PressuePressure; gas will always flow from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure i.e. from inside the tent to outside the tent. However, by sealing all major holes we can limit the movement of gas to small effusion-sized holes present in the fabric and the zippers.

What bulb/ballast/reflector are you using and why?

We are using an open-air adjustable grow light reflector for this setup. To get the absolute most lumens possible, you can use open-air reflector.  Many customers use “Air Cooled Reflectors” in their grow tents which make it easier to direct the bulb heat out of the tent, but this will usually require some extra ventilation equipment.  The nice thing about the AgroMax grow tents versus some other brands is that they have about twice the number of ventilation ports so you have many options for air-cooling.  As for the bulb we are using the AgroMax Dual-Arc 600 watt HPS/MH Hybrid bulb with a Digital Greenhouse 600 watt digital ballast. We are using 600 watts because they are the most efficient lumen/watt ballast on the market. We choose the hybrid bulb to give our plants constant dual spectra (White/Blue from the MH tube and Red from the HPS tube)

Why don’t I want to just air cool an air coolable reflector? (Why open air?)

You may want to use an air coolable reflector, definitely may want to. But open air reflectors are how you get magazine-quality and commercial-sized flowers. If you have the ac for it NOTHING beats open air, nothing (no glass) in between the bulb and your plants is the brightest option.

What tent size is this and would it work for other sizes?

This is the large sized tent. Theoretically, as long as the BTU output of the AC unit is greater than the thermal output of the light and other equipment, then temperatures can be controlled. Although the smallest area I have ever worked in is the large sized tent in this store. All my consulting and growing experience comes from much larger growing areas.

Just an FYI, bulbs and other equipment have a heat output of about 3.4 BTU’s per watt.  So a 600 watt bulb would produce approximately 2,040 BTU’s.  So if you had a 2000 BTU AC unit, this would be just about enough to keep temperatures under control.  Typically I would recommend that you “over-power” the AC by 30%, so if you wanted to remove 2000 BTU’s of heat, you would use and AC unit rated at least 2600 BTU’s.

How much electricity does the tent use (A/C, Light, Fans)?

Wattage drawn at 110v.

AC 1800 w

Digtal Greenhouse Ballast with lamp = 600 watts

16” Oscillating Fan =  60 watts

Pump  = 3 watts

6” Clip-on fan = 25 watts

Total is 1888 watts


Total electric cost at 11 cents per Kwh=

a) AC unit and Fans

1.88 kW * 24 h/day * 30 days * 0.11 $/ kWh = $148

b) Grow Light:

600 w = 0.6 kW * 12 h/day * 30 days * 0.11 $/kWh = $24

TOTAL cost of operations (@ $0.11/ kWh) $172/month

Why are there both a 16″ wall mount and 6″ clip on fan?

We are using the 16” oscillating fan to distribute the heat pocket below the light. The small clip fan is being used push the hot air towards the cold air to prevent heat stratification.

Is there any other information or Tips you might give a grower looking to set up an Air Conditioned Grow Tent?

When using an air conditioner it is important to remember the cool air isn’t made by the air conditioner but rather the air is separated into hot and cold.  You are going to have hot air created when you use any AC unit, and you need a way to transfer that hot air away from your grow tent. In the case of the Sherpa AC unit, it is located outside of the grow tent and the hot air radiates from back the AC unit itself but the cold air is directed through the tube directly into the tent.. Note: Larger portable AC units like the Yeti by GoChill offer a separate exhaust tube to more directly send this heat outside the grow area. There are several ways to deal with this heat build up on the outside of the tent if it becomes a problem.

  1. You can encase the unit (large box next to tent or adjacent room) and use a fan to either evacuate the heat from your residence or to push it through your existing house duct work to provide extra heat during the winter months. (best)
  2. Mount the ac unit on a shelf above the tent in a room that has tall ceilings and exhaust into the air space of the room surrounding the tent. (good)
  3. Have the tent in a large enough room so that the gas has enough room to expand and cool. (adequate, as pictured)
  4. Direct the heat from the AC unit outside of your house through the window or wall opening.

When choosing the proper sized ac unit for your needs you may also want to include the number and size of your plants into your calculations. Some plants produce some heat through rapid rates of photosynthesis and can produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-100 btu/plant/foot of growth. So if you intend on having 6 plants with 4 foot of growth per plant you may want to have an ac unit that is anywhere between 600-2400 btu greater than the thermal output of your light.

Looking for more information?  Come on in and visit the best Grow Shop in Kalamazoo – HTG Supply.  Looking for Grow Tents in Kalamazoo, we have a huge stock of Grow Tents and AC units to keep them cool.  Of course we have the biggest stock and best prices on Grow Lights in Kalamazoo.

Looking for Hydroponic equipment in Kalamazoo – You’ve got to come to the store as we have over twice the stock of any store in the area.  HTG Supply – Kalamazoo has it all, whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, we can help you be more successful in your garden.  We have the equipment you need and the guaranteed lowest prices.  Even better, we have in store professionals that can help solve any problem you may have and help you grow!


High Tech Garden Supply
1745 West Main Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
(269) 978-8697



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Lansing HTG Supply Grow Shop & Hydroponics – As seen on TV!

Just a few weeks ago we debuted our first TV ad.

The best hydroponics shop in Lansing – HTG Supply – is proud to announce our new TV ad.  We want everybody in the greater Lansing Michigan area to know about our great prices on Continue reading

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HTG Supply – KALAMAZOO – Is invading your airwaves!

HTGSupply is the best Hydroponics Store in Kalamazoo!  We are proud to show you our new Cable TV ad that is currently airing across Western Michigan.  Our growth has been spectacular since we opened only a short time ago.  We are happy to make so many friends Continue reading

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Hydroponics – don’t be afraid – an overview of Hydroponics

Hydroponics gardening is sometimes mysterious and scary to many traditional soil growers.  While it may seem challenging, HTG Supply can provide you with all of the resources, advice and equipment to make hydroponics easy to understand and walk you through some beginner hydroponics lessons to help you unlock the incredible yields of hydroponic gardening.

Class 5 Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System

Hydroponics is often misunderstood and thought to be too confusing for the average grower to utilize.  Sometimes hydroponic gardening Continue reading

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Cool Tubes – Keeping your Grow Lights Cool in your Indoor Garden

Straight 6 ReflectorFor indoor gardeners there are a lot of different grow light reflector hoods on the market today.  One of the most popular styles is the glass tube reflector hood.  This glass tube hood has many different names, the most popular being the Cool Tube, others being Light Pipe, or Sun Tube or something similar.  The idea behind the Cool Tube Reflector Hood is rather simple.  When you want to use an Air Cooled Reflector Hood to keep your indoor garden grow room temperatures moderated, one of the most efficient units out there is the Cool Tube Hood.  At the heart of the Cool Tube Grow Light is a strong, “pyrex” type of glass tube.   Air cooling the Tube is much easier and efficient than trying to air cool a standard “box” type of reflector hood.   When you air cool your reflector hood, you need Continue reading

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Michigan is Growing with HEAVY 16 Nutrients and HTG Supply !

Heavy 16 NutrientsHTGSupply is proud to be the largest supplier of Heavy 16 Nutrients in all of Michigan.  HTG Supply Michigan has added the HEAVY 16 line in all 5 of our MI stores to our already huge selection of gardening nutrients and fertilizers.  We were very impressed with the results of the product when we used it for our in-store plants demos and many of our associates have made Heavy 16 Nutrients their personal nutrient of choice.  Additionally the Heavy 16 reviews from our customers are in, and they LOVE it!  Many of our growers have switched over to Heavy 16 from Canna Nutrients and are experiencing better results.  Some quotes from the field include “the results are extremely easy to achieve with little effort” and “this stuff is a Canna killer, better results at a lower cost”.  Heavy 16 tells us “Heavy 16 is Professional Plant Nutrient. Our no-nonsense approach relies upon using the highest-grade ingredients, hand-mixing each batch in Continue reading

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Keep Your Cool

HTGSupply KalamazooThis article was written by Matt who is the manager of our new hydroponics superstore in Kalamazoo. The store is located at 1745 West Main Street. We have all of the great deals and products that you have come to expect from HTGSupply. Stop by and check out the best hydro shop in southwestern Michigan.

The challenges faced by indoor gardener’s change throughout the year just as the seasons do in nature. Today we are going to dig deeper into the subject of grow room temperature. During the hot summer months it can be a challenge to maintain an appropriate indoor garden temperature. With a little planning however, you too can enjoy a productive and healthy indoor garden year round. Continue reading

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What’s Happening in Lansing?

Another beautiful sunny day at the Lansing HTG location. We enjoyed seeing you all over at the Novi “Indoor Gardening Expo”. Thank you to all who came out. Us Michiganders were lucky enough to be a part of this exciting expo. There are only two other locations for the expo and that is way out in California.

Thanks to all the wonderful vendors with all of their new products and information. HTG is currently carrying new lines of products such as; Heavy 16, Blue Lab (our in house experts are pretty excited about this), all organic mycelium Exhale CO2 bags, and Microbe Life. Definitely put us on your to do list and stop by to check out all the low prices and new products that we here at HTG of Lansing have for your garden.

Setting up the outdoor garden at HTGSupply LansingToday we are having fun setting up our outdoor garden. There are some snow peas, cucumbers, morning glories, Chinese lantern and a few others. Inside our hydroponic set up with green peppers, jalapenos and a morning glory are starting to produce flower and peppers! Very exciting stuff!

There was a huge shipment that came in so on our down time today we are putting price stickers on all of our products and re-stocking our shelves to showcase our eclectic variety of products we stock to give you a one stop shop.

We hope to see you soon!


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